Welcome to Wayin

Wayin is a social intelligence and visualization company that integrates social content into new experiences for consumers and delivers greater value and control for brands.

Re-think Social

Discover how real-time social media data and content can positively impact your sales, service, and marketing efforts today.

Web visualizations for brands

Web Visualizations for Brands

Foster customer loyalty and trust by using real-time, intelligent social tools to unearth the most positive and compelling social content connected with your brand and place it on all of your properties.

Dynamic ads and social tv

Dynamic Ads & Social TV

Make broadcast content more relevant, authentic and timely. Wayin’s platform enables the analysis, curation and real-time integration of social media into live TV broadcasts and events. Build a story using real-time Twitter conversations directly into TV commercial spots for local or national advertising campaigns and deliver new creative every time.

Social content in venue and at events

In-venue Experiences

Enhance your events and increase audience engagement by creating beautiful social displays highlighting real-time social commentary.

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