Wayin enhances events by creating beautiful social displays highlighting real-time social commentary about your event . Our tools allow you to embrace and visualize the conversation about your event, increase reach and engagement, all while inciting your audience to join the conversation.

Enrich your event

Your audience is talking, let them know you are listening. Display fan photos, conversation trends and real-time poll results to keep fans engaged while gathering feedback to enhance and tailor future events. Integrate social conversation into your event to increase reach and participation from your attendees. Wayin’s turnkey solution allows you to customize, edit and moderate on the fly to make sure the best content is displayed for your audience.

Second screen experiences

Want to reach to those unable to make it? Integrate the Wayin hub into you website to capture and engage your audience at home. Creating an online destination for your event is a great marketing vehicle to spur excitement leading up to the event, let users feel involved at home and adopt a larger audience for your brand.

Resources with expertise and passion

Kelsey Cullen, Networking Extraordinaire

“Wayin enjoys the opportunity to work with clients who continue to drive the necessity to integrate social data and conversations into their events. The excitement and feedback from event attendees reinforces the idea that people like feeling that they are contributing. As a networker, social allows me to connect and interact with other who share the same passion and interests. By visualizing the conversation, Wayin provides an encompassing solution to connect.”